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What You Will Learn:

  • How to save money by avoiding costly mistakes
  • Municipal contract acquisition
  • Proven systems to simplify operations for better efficiency
  • How to expand your tow business for increased revenues/profits
  • How to find and attract and retain experienced & loyal employees


Who Can Benefit?

Any tow company with less than 10 trucks.If your company has less than 10 trucks you will definitely benefit from proven systems and techniques that cost me tens of thousands of dollars to learn and develop.


I will help you to implement to grow your business and increase revenues/profits from 10% to 40%.

Small Operations

Do you have a single truck and want to grow?

Medium Operation

If you have less than 10 Trucks, we can show you how to get ahead.

From John

Make Your Own Opportunities

With my 40+ Years of Real World Experience, and can help your Tow company achieve greater results. 


My Story

A Tow Story

I made a mistake that cost me thousands of dollars.

Chances are at some point you are going to make the same mistake.

You DO NOT have to.

As your mentor, I’ll show you how to avoid all the costly mistakes that I paid for so you don’t have to.

I have 40+ years in the Towing Industry from operator to Owner, to selling my company for Multi-Million Dollars.

About John:

Raised and living in Acworth, GA (Atlanta Suburb) At the age of 15 I began “riding” with a friend (Steve’s Wrecker Service) who had owned a garage with 1 wrecker and decided to sell the garage and go into the towing service full-time. When I turned 16, I began driving his truck part-time while giving him days off. After about 10 years of learning and honing my operator skills, acquiring a CDL (Class 5 at that time), moving up to heavy wreckers, and learning the office more and more as I went; I took over the operations of the company for my friend.

I had the opportunity to drive for a NASCAR Team and doing promotional work for them.

I moved from there to the Entertainment Industry for several years driving buses for well-known artists such as Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Reba McIntyre, John Michael Montgomery, BJ Thomas, Wide Spread Panic, Lorrie Morgan, Hillsong Church, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Robert Palmer, Charlie Daniels, WARP Tour, OzFest Tour, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Oak Ridge Boys, R. Kelly, Mark Wills and many, many more while still being involved with the tow company albeit in a more limited role.

In 1999 Steve’s company was sold and I decided to stop touring and focus on buying my own company.

I found a failing company ready to close the doors with 2 ragged trucks. I felt it had potential and a good contract. I purchased it with a rental storage lot included. Within the first 6 months, I purchased 2 new trucks and had doubled the gross revenue based on a couple of techniques I developed.

During the first year, I also purchased our first piece of property for our own office and storage facility. One year later adding a second property next door increasing, the lot size to 3.5 acres.  Fast-forward 17 years to January 2020, I sold the company with 3 heavy wreckers and several light-duty vehicles, servicing 4 municipal departments and national accounts for multi-millions of dollars.

I’m offering knowledge of :

  • Techniques
  • Tactics
  • Formulas
  • Best Practices

which I developed in order to build my towing company and sell it for millions of dollars. All learned from the University of Hard Knocks and 40 years of designing and implementing my strategies.


With my proven systems and techniques in place that cost me tens of thousands of dollars you can expect revenue/profits increase up to 40%. And as time goes on you may even see greater increases using my proven systems and techniques.

For a FREE 30 minute consult to see how I can help you increase revenues/profits 10% – 40% just call to schedule a day and time.

I have the utmost faith and confidence in John Bryant. John’s knowledge in the towing industry is far-reaching and tested thru time. As a 15-year-old kid, the first wrecker he drove was for me.

He was a naturalist I must admit. His vast knowledge in Operations Efficiency and Promotions of the towing business spans 40 successful years. I highly recommend him as a premier consultant that will help you build your business beyond what you thought possible. He did it for me and can do it for you.

Steve Privette

I purchased a small tow operation in South Texas last year. Have hardly any knowledge about the industry, I have been very fortunate, to have had John as my mentor. Since meeting with him, we have streamlined our operation, and have already seen a 15% increase in profits, and now have a clear understanding of what our goals are for 2021!

Randy Hunt

Randy's Tow Service


Do you furnish a detailed report when finished?

Yes, a complete report of my finding and recommendations for increasing
your revenues/profits 10-40% based on what I did to build a
multi-million dollar operation.

How long do you spend with me?

I spend a full day on-site with you going over every aspect of your
business and operations. Any information I gather is kept in strictest

Are these the same systems you used to build a multi-million dollar business from a failing tow business?

Everything you receive from me is the exact methods I used to build a
multi-million dollar operation from a failing tow company business that
I purchased and later sold for millions of dollars.

How long will it take for me to see results?

As you implement my strategies and tactics over time some initial
results could start to be seen in as little as 30 days. Remember it
takes time, patience and focus to build a multi-million dollar business.
The final result is well worth the time and energy.

Will you be available if I have questions later on?

Yes. If you have any additional questions you can reach me by phone or

If you sold your business for millions why are you doing this?

You might say retirement is not my bag. Being very active in business most of my life is what kept me young. And I enjoy helping others succeed, it makes me feel good when I see a client growing their
business because of what I shared with them. The knowledge I gained has no value unless it is shared with others who will put it into action.

Are your systems proprietary?

It’s the way I implement and manage my strategies and tactics that is proprietary and makes the overall system work to increase revenues/profits 10-40%.


There are a couple of other consultants, but none have my experience or the proven systems and techniques I used to build a multi-million dollar towing business.

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